September 9, 2015

What the Teacher Wore

This is my 2nd time blogging on my "teacher outfits".  I don't claim to have any fashion sense at all!!! But I can Pin from Pinterest and copy haha! So I hope you like what I have to share…

I decided I would use the mirror this week…


Got this dress from The Mint Julep Boutique last year… I love their stuff!!! Michael Kors watch.


Old Navy everything here… Sam Edelman sandals, Michael Kors watch.


 Once again, Old Navy pants and shirt.

Old Navy cardigan and pants, Express top, target shoes, Ralph Lauren bracelet, not sure about the long necklace (I've had for years), and the silhouette necklace is from Etsy (my sweet baby boy's little silhouette).


Old Navy top and pants, Gap wedges, JCrew necklace, Michael Kors watch.

I'm not gonna lie! I can only make it through half the day in wedges or heels… so I at least look tall in the morning! :) I absolutely LOVE my JCrew necklaces… actually got a few on sale this past weekend that I'm so excited to show off! Check back soon for some more outfits!!!!


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  2. Adorable! I love your polka dot button down. You will be able to style that so many different ways, especially once it's cool enough to layer. J.Crew necklaces are my favorite, too. They're so pretty, and reasonable if you hit a good sale.

    1. Thanks Lauren!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my JCrew necklaces! :) And yes, I got two last weekend for about $12 each!


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