September 30, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

Here we go again with another What the Teacher Wore Wednesday…

This week I'm linking up with some AMAZING teachers, Caitlin at Teach Inspire Change for Trendy Teachers.


 Dress - Old Navy
Sandals - Old Navy
Watch - Michael Kors
Necklace - Christmas gift


 Shirt - TJ Maxx
Pants - Stitch Fix
Necklace - Groopdealz
Shoes - Target
Watch - Michael Kors


Shits, cardigan, pants - Old Navy
Shoes -
Necklace - Stitch Fix
Watch - Michael Kors


Dress and denim jacket - Old Navy
Necklaces - both were Christmas Gifts
Shoes - Sam Edelmans
Watch - Michael Kors

I didn't take a picture of my jeans day this week… nothing special. Just a t-shirt and jeans. 

Hope your'e having a great Wednesday!!! HAPPY HUMP DAY!

September 23, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

Last week, we had a planning day on Monday and Fridays we get to wear jeans if we are part of our school's "Sunshine Committee"… so this week for me was VERY casual :)

Once again, I am NOT the type of person who has a good sense of style! I have a few friends and a sister-in-law that I get most of my styling advice from. I also use Pinterest for my style inspiration. So keep all of that in mind when looking at my pictures :)

Monday-- Planning day
 Jeans - EXPRESS
Shirt - homemade
watch - Michael Kors
sandals - Sam Edlemans


 Shirt - JCREW
Pants - Old Navy
Necklace - JCREW
watch - Michael Kors
sandals - Same Edlemans


 Shirt, Pants (navy color), cardigan, and shoes - ALL from Old Navy
Necklace - Groopdealz
watch - Michael Kors


 Shirt and pants - Old Navy
shoes - Sam Edlemans
watch - Michael Kors
scarf - EEK not sure! 
 Had to show my hair-do cause this will now be my GO-TO on days that I don't feel like doing it! I made my own sock bun and it was SOOOOO easy!!! Just cut off the end of a longer sock (maybe like a calf length sock) and roll it up. Look up a DIY sock bun on Pinterest! SUPER EASY!!!

Friday - Jean day... nothing special

Jeans - Express
shirt - school shirt
shoes - Toms
watch - Baby G Shock

Can't wait to see your "Teacher Outfits"!!!!

September 18, 2015

Moon Phases and Sequencing

This week in reading we have been learning about sequencing and in science we have been working on our Night Sky unit, which includes the phases of the moon. How perfect. 

We started off the week learning about sequencing by using Brainpop. We then read the book "Papa Can You Get the Moon For Me?".

We used transitional words to sequence the story together (quick and sloppy chart!)

Of course in the book, it goes through the phases of the moon. After learning about the phases of the moon, we went back through the book and we talked about which phases there were in the book. 

Then we made our own moon phases with oreos!!! I found this cute FREE file from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.  This printable made it so easy for the kids to look at the phases and recreate each one. 

Then of course when we were done, we had to draw the man in the moon and pretend we were lifting weights. These kids are hilarious!

Don't you just love when you can use food in the classroom? It's so much more tactile for the kids. We had lots of leftover oreos and with Fall right around the corner, I'm sure I can figure something out to do with them!!!

September 17, 2015

Sneak a Peek with a Peach: The Land of 2nd Grade

Hey everyone! I hope you will go check out my first post on The Primary Peach blog! We did a sneak peek this month into all of our classrooms. Since I did my classroom reveal already this month, I decided to tell you guys about some of my FAVORITE spots in my classroom.

I hope you enjoy!!!

And here is the schedule for the rest of the month:

September 16, 2015

What the Teacher Wore

Last week was a four day week for us! yay!!! So I only have a few outfits to show...
{I noticed that my kids always have their toys in my room just thrown on the floor after looking at these pictures!!! haha}


 Chambray button up and white tank top - Old Navy
Skirt - WALMART (what!?!?!)
Necklace - JCREW
watch - Michael Kors
Sandals - Sam Edlemans


 Cardigan - Target
black tank - Old Navy
Pants - Charlotte Russe (from when I was in COLLEGE! can't believe they've lasted this long!)
Sandals - Target
Necklace and watch (not sure... I've had forever)


(close up of the pants, they are a dark green with polka dots)
 blouse and pants - Old Navy
wedges - GAP
watch - Michael Kors
all other jewelry came from Polka Dots (a local boutique)

Friday (jean day for me!!!):

Shirt and jeans - Old Navy
Scarf was a gift 
watch - Michael Kors
sandals - Sam Edlemans

Picking out my outfits has been so much more fun this year since I'm blogging about it! It makes me want to get dressed so I can take a picture! haha! 

September 10, 2015

Story Elements

I always like to start the year with Story Elements in reading. Here is a little peak at what I did this year.

It's no secret that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the book "Where the Wild Things Are". Well usually I wait until the end of the year to dedicate a whole week to doing activities from my Where the Wild Things Are Unit.

This year I COULDN'T WAIT!!! I decided to put my favorite quote up on my wall in the hallway "Let the Wild Rumpus Start." and I had to have something to go under it right!?!?!?!

So I decided I would START the year off with "Where the Wild Things Are" using story elements. 

We read the story then made an anchor chart with all the story elements from the book.

The next day we read the story "When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry". The kids got to partner up and talk about the story elements with their partner. We came back to the carpet to share.

We then talked about how in both "Where the Wild Things Are" and "When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry", the main character acts wild. We did a little comparing and contrasting the stories, without actually talking about comparing and contrasting. I didn't want to put too much on them in one week, but it was a great way to get them thinking about similarities and differences. 

We then used Amy Lemons' cute Wild Things Freebie, to write about what makes us WILD. Some wrote about things that make them wild in a good way and some wrote about what makes them wild in an angry or crazy way. The kids were so creative. I was very impressed with their writing, especially for the beginning of the school year. We have a long way to go, but they are definitely excited about writing this year!

Now I can use my "Wild Things Activity Set" throughout the whole year!!!! I'm so excited!!!

This was a fun week of Story Elements with one of my favorite books. 

September 9, 2015

What the Teacher Wore

This is my 2nd time blogging on my "teacher outfits".  I don't claim to have any fashion sense at all!!! But I can Pin from Pinterest and copy haha! So I hope you like what I have to share…

I decided I would use the mirror this week…


Got this dress from The Mint Julep Boutique last year… I love their stuff!!! Michael Kors watch.


Old Navy everything here… Sam Edelman sandals, Michael Kors watch.


 Once again, Old Navy pants and shirt.

Old Navy cardigan and pants, Express top, target shoes, Ralph Lauren bracelet, not sure about the long necklace (I've had for years), and the silhouette necklace is from Etsy (my sweet baby boy's little silhouette).


Old Navy top and pants, Gap wedges, JCrew necklace, Michael Kors watch.

I'm not gonna lie! I can only make it through half the day in wedges or heels… so I at least look tall in the morning! :) I absolutely LOVE my JCrew necklaces… actually got a few on sale this past weekend that I'm so excited to show off! Check back soon for some more outfits!!!!

September 3, 2015

What the Teacher Wore

I'm linking up Miss Johnston over at Miss Johnston's Journey to show some of my back to school outfits. Having fun trying some new styles this year :)

Here we go:





Friday I just wore jeans and my school t-shirt, so I didn't bother to take a picture of it.

I also purchased a NEW full length mirror, so I will be using that from now on to document my outfits. I am also getting ready to sign up for Stitch Fix and can't wait to get my first box!!! I'll let you guys know how it goes when it arrives.

Have a great rest of the week!!!

September 2, 2015

Classroom Tour 2015

Excited to give an updated tour of my classroom for the 2015/2016 school year. So here we go :)

From the door looking in:

First stop in the room is my teacher desk. I love my little mailbox that I made for the side of my desk. The kids just know to put any money, notes, etc. in the mailbox when they come in every morning.

My bulletin board keeps all of my important info., birthdays, schedules, and pictures of my LOVIES.

I love the little storage shelf that my husband made for me this summer. It fits perfectly under my desk. I store my teacher binders, workbooks that I copy from frequently, and books I use for special lessons underneath my desk.

Here is a closer look…

This is next to my desk. The hanging files is where I organize my copies that I copy weekly for newsletters and such, my parent contact logs, RTI data folders, and my Sub folder. I need to get a curtain up to hide the stuff under the table (maybe one day).

Front of my room. I LOVE my new alphabet chart that I made!!! You can find it in my TPT store :)

Another little storage shelf for my group caddies and more supplies that we use on a regular basis.

Most of my math manipulatives can be found on this shelf, plus my "cubbies" for tests, my "Going Home Basket", lunch basket, and "Shout Outs".

My bookshelf behind my desk.

My teacher toolbox and that ADORE!!!!! This has definitely been a great purchase.

This is where I keep my weekly copies for each subject. I have the copies in order so I know to grab the first one on top.

This is the back of my classroom. The cubbies are used to store math boxes, copy paper, and books. On top I have my crates that are full of resources and centers that I use in each subject area. I also have chart paper, magazines, and clickers at the top.

Here is where I keep all my small group centers for math, which are organized by skill. I keep my centers in gallon sized ziploc bags, with all materials and a direction sheet inside.

Here is the back of my room where my sink is (that we do not use AT ALL!!!). I still have some supplies to put up, so excuse the mess.

On the cabinets, I have these adorable posters that I got from Amy Lemons over at Step Into 2nd Grade, FOR FREE!!!! They are soooo stinkin' cute. They will be used for tracking AR points throughout the year and as an incentive for taking tests.

Here is where I post my standards… it's blah… maybe I will make it look better sometime this year :)

This is my behavior chart (can't remember where I found it, but it was also free) and then the Daily 5 chart from Mel D. at Seusstastic. She has some AMAZING Daily 5 resources.

Here is my reading area. The books that are too big for the tubs are out and just on the bookshelf.

This is where I took two filing cabinets, put them back to back, and made a big magnetic board. I put fabric over the top and did my scrunchy bulletin board paper border with hot glue. I have my BOGGLE Board and my 100 Points Club for Class Dojo posted on this board rich now. I am thinking I will add something else later, but haven't figured that out yet.

Here is my class jobs chart. I purchased the adorable chart from Allyson Sutton on TPT. This is one of my favorite things in my classroom.

Here is my listening center and Phonics board. We meet hear every day to do phonics, read alouds, and the students do listening center here as well.

Here are all of my Daily 5 supplies and other supplies that we use on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoyed my classroom tour!!! Please leave comments or questions! I will be doing several blog posts about what I do in different corners of my classroom. Can't wait to see all the tours!!!

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