February 25, 2015

GA Day Parade

In Georgia, we have the annual GA Day Parade, which is held in our beautiful city of Savannah, to celebrate the founding of GA. It's sooo neat to be able to teach in Savannah, because the students all across Georgia learn all about how Savannah was the first settlement in GA. They learn about Tomichichi, James Oglethorpe, and Mary Musgrove. It's so neat to be able to take field trips down to the squares to see the statues and places dedicated to these historical figures. 

Here are some pictures of our kids on GA Day. They can choose to dress as colonial people or Native Americans:

The only thing that stinks is that it's pretty cold every year on GA Day, so all of their cute costumes get covered up by jackets and hats! Oh well, it's still tons of fun!

February 18, 2015

Chinese New Year Field Trip

Since we studies the Chinese New Year in class, one of our amazing gifted teachers planned a trip to a Chinese restaurant to end our unit. The kids had a blast!

I've never seen my students eat so much!!! haha!!

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