December 31, 2011

How I Spent My Vacation

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to tell about how I spent my Vacation!
I actually just pulled this post from my other blog "Team Darley", because it's all about our Christmas :)

We started out Christmas a week early this year! The weekend before Christmas we drove to Macon to my Mom's work because we heard Santa would be there to take some pictures.  Although, we'd already had Caycen's pictures taken with Santa at Bass Pro, we thought we would take advantage of getting more pictures with Santa that were closer up.  After we left my mom's store, we went to her house to do Christmas with my side of the family.  It was a little different this year because we usually drive from house to house seeing both sides of my family.  BUT we changed it up so that Chance and I wouldn’t have to do that with Caycen.  We ONLY went to my Mom’s house this year! It was so nice though because my Dad and Cheryl, my Granny and Papa, my sister, her husband and kids, my mom and stepdad were all there with us.  We had a little dinner then opened presents with everyone.  It was so nice to not have to travel around from house to house this year. 

Our signature kiss that you will see LOTS of :)

I was wondering if

Christmas Eve we went to church with Chance’s parents, which is a tradition for them, and then we went back to dinner at their house.  We had some crab stew and Shrimp Creole. It was delicious. We opened our pajamas and went home for the night.
Christmas morning we got up for Caycen’s very first Christmas! We videoed everything J  We took Caycen downstairs to see all of his gifts from Santa.  We opened his presents first, then Chance and I exchanged gifts.  We then gave the dogs their stockings from Santa.  Santa left them each a toy and a bone.  You would think they were the kids by how excited they both were! Then we opened our stockings too.  Caycen was so exhausted by then that he just passed out right in my arms and we opened the stockings while he slept. 

After we cleaned up a little and piddled around, we got ready and went over the Chance’s parents house… we actually went in our P.J.s and took a change of clothes with us for later! J  We had a big breakfast there, opened gifts, then just hung out.  Chance, Baby C, and I ended up taking a little nap in the back bedroom because we were all worn out.  After we woke up we watched a movie, ate dinner, then headed back home to the dogs. 

Overall, it was SUCH a wonderful Christmas! I couldn’t imagine a Christmas without Baby C there.  I know next year will be even more fun for him and us!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!
I’m thinking up all of my New Year’s Resolutions that I’m going to make J I’ll post when I have completed my list…

Have a wonderful day!

A look at our Christmas Ornaments since Team Darley started 3 1/2 years ago...
When we got married on June 21, 2008

Our first Christmas 2008

Our first Christmas in our New Home 2009

Christmas 2010 (I was pregnant with Baby C)

This Christmas 2011 - with Baby C

Also from this year 2011 - a gift from our wonderful babysitter Stephanie
Baby's first X mas ornament - Also from Stephanie
Another Baby's first Xmas ornament from my mom... There's one more from his Nona, but I didn't get a picture of it.

a gift from Amanda

I made this also this year... I think I messed up because I don't think I was actually supposed to paint the leaves, just the feet... oh well whatever, it's still cute! :)

 ok... I'm really done now I promise! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!

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December 30, 2011

New Year's Unit COME AND GET IT!

Wow, it's almost 2012!!! I'm super excited about what this next year has in store for me.
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December 29, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Hey Everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Break so far!
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Have a wonderful break and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

-Mrs. Darley

December 28, 2011

11 in 11 Linky Party

I'm linking up with Teeny Tiny Teachers and Miss Kindergarten for the 11 in 11 linky Party :)

11. Favorite movie you watched
Hmm... my favorite that I watched would probably have to be Bridesmaids, but honestly I haven't watched too many new movies :( 

10. Favorite TV series
My favorite TV series is a tie between Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives!!! I'm SO ADDICTED!

9. Favorite restaurantMy favorite restaurant is definitely Jalapenos, the mexican restaurant here in Savannah.  We love to go on Fridays for Happy Hour :)

8. Favorite new thing you tried
My favorite new thing I tried this year would definitely have to be sewing! I am super excited about learning more and more about this new hobby!

Favorite gift you received
My favorite gift is the gift of a child that I received from God! He is the BIGGEST BLESSING in my life!

6. Favorite thing you pinned
ooh this is a hard one! My favorite probably has to be this pin from J's everyday fashion blog. Her blog is absolutely AMAZING!!!! She has the exact style that is perfect for me :)

Favorite blog post

 From Cara Carrol at The First Grade Parade.  This post was so inspiring to me.  I think I would like to do a twist on this and do at least one random act of kindness a month or a week all year long.  I love the ideas she had as well.

Favorite accomplishment

Signing up for Teachers Pay Teachers and actually doing pretty well my first quarter on there.
My Store:

 1st, 2nd -

3. Favorite picture

This was at Thanksgiving and we've been doing this pose ever since I saw it on Pinterest!!! haha!

2. Favorite memory
The birth of my baby boy.
1. Goal for 2012
In the classroom... to make learning as fun as I possibly can!
In my everyday life... to make lots of new memories with Baby C and the hubby!

December 23, 2011

New Year's Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your holidays! 2 days til Christmas :) This will be my first Christmas with Baby C! We are super excited about it.  Though we didn't get him too much, since he's only 6 months old, it will be a lot of fun!
haha, he looks SOOO chunky here!
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Please make sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you.

December 19, 2011

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

It’s OFFICIALLY Christmas Break!!! You can’t tell I’m soooo excited can you?? I get to spend 2 full weeks with my little man:

Here are some fun pictures from our last week before Christmas break in my classroom.
The first day was Santa Day and we read “Santa’s Stuck” then made our Santa’s Stuck stories:

The funniest one was one of my little girl’s who wrote:
“Santa got stuck in the chimney because he ate way too many cookies this year.  The reindeer tried and tried to pull him out but he was just stuck. Finally Santa said this is ho ho horrible.  Finally Santa sneezed and he popped out of the chimney.  Now Santa can take all of the presents and Christmas is saved.”

Tuesday we had our Elf Day.  We read “How Santa Got His Job” and we applied for a job as an elf.

On Wednesday we had Grinch Day. We read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and wrote how we would make a Grinch Grin.

On Thursday we had our Christmas Party.  We ate pizza and chips.  Then we did crafts in groups with the help of their WONDERFUL parents! In my previous post I had a whole different plan for our party and the groups that we were going to have… but after searching on my ADDICTION (AKA Pinterest) I just found too many great crafts that I wanted to do! So we had some great groups!

Group 1: We made snow globes for our parents as Christmas Gifts. The kids just picked out their ornament, we hot glued them to the jar top, then put water and glitter in the jars.  I actually let them put their own water and glitter in so some ended up with WAY too much glitter! But they were still cute!

 Group 2: We made reindeer faces with a red glitter nose on the kiddos’ pictures.  We did this last year, but we haven’t had a chance this year so far, so I thought it would be a fun activity for them.

Group 3: We did the Snow Globe craft and writing “If I lived in a snow globe”.  We used spray glitter and it turned out really cute!

Group 4: We made Christmas Cards for the kids in the Children’s hospital.  I found this picture on pinterest and used it as inspiration for the kids.  We cut a whole bunch of wrapping paper and let them go at it.  They had the sweetest little messages in them.  I plan on delivering the cards sometime next week.

 Friday was Polar Express Day and we got to come in our pajamas.  We had surprise package to the office for our class that morning and it was full of bells for my class and a note from Santa.  They were even still cold from the North Pole!!!! (FREEZER-if you want to do it with your class next year) It was so cute because they were sooo amazed that the bells and even the box were still cold from the North Pole.

We had a lot of fun this week, but the break is MUCH NEEDED!!!

I made these cute little reindeer for the lunch ladies and some of the office staff from the 2nd grade teachers.  I got this cute idea to make the Hershey's Reindeer from Pinterest OF COURSE! They all loved them! I also made a tag that said "Thank you for being such a "DEER" to us".

I just uploaded my New Year’s Mini Unit on TPT and TN if you want to check it out!!! Check back this week for a GIVEAWAY!!!

Have a great Christmas Break!!!

This is what happens when a student gets ahold of your camera:

 photo about me _zps5a2jcevj.jpg