September 18, 2015

Moon Phases and Sequencing

This week in reading we have been learning about sequencing and in science we have been working on our Night Sky unit, which includes the phases of the moon. How perfect. 

We started off the week learning about sequencing by using Brainpop. We then read the book "Papa Can You Get the Moon For Me?".

We used transitional words to sequence the story together (quick and sloppy chart!)

Of course in the book, it goes through the phases of the moon. After learning about the phases of the moon, we went back through the book and we talked about which phases there were in the book. 

Then we made our own moon phases with oreos!!! I found this cute FREE file from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.  This printable made it so easy for the kids to look at the phases and recreate each one. 

Then of course when we were done, we had to draw the man in the moon and pretend we were lifting weights. These kids are hilarious!

Don't you just love when you can use food in the classroom? It's so much more tactile for the kids. We had lots of leftover oreos and with Fall right around the corner, I'm sure I can figure something out to do with them!!!


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