January 16, 2016

Minute To Win It Reward Party

Earlier in the year I showed you my "Addition Facts Hall of Fame" and "Subtraction Facts Hall of Fame".

By middle of the year of 2nd grade, I expect my students to master their addition facts (20 facts correct in 1 minute). For those that have mastered their facts, we do a special party. I decided to do the party during recess this year because I didn't want my other students to feel like they were being punished for not mastering their facts (every child is different and their circumstances are different as well). But I did want to reward the ones that did master their facts because they worked very hard and deserved it.

So I decided to do a "Minute to Win It War" party for the kids that made it at least on the Addition Facts Hall of Fame. I only had about 4 students out of 24 that did not master their facts.

Here is a video of the Minute to Win It Games that we played…

They had a blast playing these games! And A BONUS was that it was EASY to set up!!! I'm not gonna lie, I forgot to go to the store the day before the party to get cookies and marshmallows, so I substituted for things I already had in my room (crackers and gummy bears leftover from another activity that we did).

I would highly recommend doing a "Minute to Win It" Reward party! And I told them it only made since to do this type of party because they had a "Minute to finish their math facts after all". haha!

I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear of other "Minute to Win It" games that you've loved playing with your students.

January 2, 2016

Matter Experiments

We had fun with our matter experiments!

First we made ice cream using rock salt, sugar, vanilla flavoring, and ice! So fun!

 Then we made butter using heavy whipping cream and shaking it like crazy!

Last, we took a mixture of snacks and SEPARATED them to show that the mixture could be completely separated. 

Science is probably my kids' most favorite subject!!! They absolutely LOVE it!

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