September 23, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

Last week, we had a planning day on Monday and Fridays we get to wear jeans if we are part of our school's "Sunshine Committee"… so this week for me was VERY casual :)

Once again, I am NOT the type of person who has a good sense of style! I have a few friends and a sister-in-law that I get most of my styling advice from. I also use Pinterest for my style inspiration. So keep all of that in mind when looking at my pictures :)

Monday-- Planning day

 Jeans - EXPRESS
Shirt - homemade
watch - Michael Kors
sandals - Sam Edlemans


 Shirt - JCREW
Pants - Old Navy
Necklace - JCREW
watch - Michael Kors
sandals - Same Edlemans


 Shirt, Pants (navy color), cardigan, and shoes - ALL from Old Navy
Necklace - Groopdealz
watch - Michael Kors


 Shirt and pants - Old Navy
shoes - Sam Edlemans
watch - Michael Kors
scarf - EEK not sure! 
 Had to show my hair-do cause this will now be my GO-TO on days that I don't feel like doing it! I made my own sock bun and it was SOOOOO easy!!! Just cut off the end of a longer sock (maybe like a calf length sock) and roll it up. Look up a DIY sock bun on Pinterest! SUPER EASY!!!

Friday - Jean day... nothing special

Jeans - Express
shirt - school shirt
shoes - Toms
watch - Baby G Shock

Can't wait to see your "Teacher Outfits"!!!!


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