July 23, 2015

Giveaway Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win in the Giveaway for Gracie June's birthday and thank you to those who shopped in my store during the 2 hour sale as well.

I used random.org to pick two winners for the teacher boxes. The two lucky winners below are going to have some goodies shipped to them!!!! Congrats to Gay Eskew and Ellen from Joyfully Teaching!!! I will be contacting you today to get your t-shirt size and some other info. to ship your teacher boxes.

Gracie June is now two and we had a fantastic day celebrating her birthday!!! Check out my family blog to see how her birthday party turned out :)

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me!!!! You guys are amazing!

My Plans for Class DOJO

I'm so excited to change up my behavior management this year. I have seen lots of great ideas about using Class Dojo. I've always used tickets in the past, so this will be a pretty big change for me.

Let me tell you how I plan to use Class DOJO in my room…

First of all I'm going to be using Class DOJO to give and take away points based on positive and negative behaviors. I will keep the screen up on my board during the day and I will bring a clipboard to lunch and around the school to take notes when not in the classroom. I don't want to do the app on my phone right now. I think it will be great for communication with parents and they can see exactly what they are getting praised and punished for.

I am going to use points to earn rewards in the classroom. Every other week, I will let students use their points to purchase rewards from a treasure box and also coupons from my coupon book. You can find my coupons in my TPT store here.
I am also going to do the 100 point club. I found the idea over at Flapjack Education. Every time my students get 100 points, they will get to put a new avatar up on the "100 Points Club" bulletin board, with their name on it. At the end of the month, if they got in the 100 point club, they will get to eat in the classroom with me and will get a special treat.

I plan to use a monthly points tracking sheet to keep up with how many points they have at the end of each week. They will fill in their points each Friday and their parents will sign off on it over the weekends. You can download this for FREE in my TPT store!

I can't wait to do another post to let you know how Class DOJO works for my classroom!

Please leave me comments letting me know if you have any great plans for Class DOJO or behavior management in your classroom. :)

July 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Sale and GIVEAWAY!

On July 22nd my 2nd child, Gracie June, will turn TWO!!!!!! I am going to celebrate her birthday by doing a HUGE sale in my TPT store and by doing a little giveaway at the same time.


On July 22nd at 2:00, everything in my TPT store will go on sale for $2.22!!!!! YES EVERYTHING!!!! {except items that are already priced below that} The sale will only last for 2 hours. So go ahead and make your shopping lists now, so that when the clock strikes 2:00, you are ready to shop! Some of my FAVORITE items to use in my store are:

and last week I added this Student Workbook for ELA to cover the writing common core standards. In the file it also includes an assessment for each unit taught and an answer key for the teacher. I'm using it this year to help with planning for those writing skills.

I also made these chalkboard alphabet posters that I will be laminating to put up in my classroom

Another way I'm going to celebrate Gracie June's birthday, is by doing a
I'm going to give away TWO baskets of teacher supplies to TWO lucky WINNERS {If you're a parent or have a teacher friend, these could also be GREAT Back to School Gifts!!!!}. Each box will include a PERSONALIZED shirt, a PERSONALIZED tumbler, 1 of the notebooks (1 of the two pictured), a pack of Expo markers, and 2 pack of post-it notes. See the pictures below:

There are several ways for you to enter to win and you can do ONE or ALL of these to enter:

 1. FOLLOW MY BLOG & LEAVE ME A COMMENT to let me know you're now a follower or were already following.
 2. LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE & LEAVE ME A COMMENT to let me know you're now a follower or were already following.
3. Leave a HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Gracie June.

THAT'S 3 chances to win if you do ALL three! But remember to leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry & leave your email address in each of the comments so that I can contact you to ship you your prize.

You can start leaving comments NOW to enter your name for the giveaway. You can leave comments for the entry until 12:00 midnight on July 22nd. I will be choosing two winners by using RANDOM.ORG on the morning of July 23rd.

Have a great Saturday!!!!!!

July 13, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Since we are on vacation for ONLY 3 more weeks, I decided I would post my summer bucket list. I have checked off a lot of stuff so far this summer, but I ONLY HAVE 3 WEEKS to finish the rest!!!!! I hope we can get it done!

Here is my Summer Bucket List:

Here are some fun pictures from our Summer Bucket List:


Water Park

Father's Day Craft!

 Tanger Outlets Playground:


Indoor Playground:

Pop and Nanny Cheryl's with the cousins and Aunts and Uncles

Grandma and Grandpa's House

Beach with friends:

Fireworks on the 4th of July!

More pool with this cutie!

Shared these already in another post… but my china cabinet is painted!

ELA workbook complete and in my store! yay!

Caycen's birthday invite and decorations

Gracie June's birthday invite (haven't taken pictures of other decor yet because the party is this weekend! ahh!)

Ok… I still have some stuff to check off my list!!!! And only 3 weeks to do it!!!!

So do you have any things to check off of your summer bucket list or things you've checked off that you would like to share???? I would love to see! Link up with me and share your summer bucket list! And after you link up, go comment on another blogger's bucket list that you don't already follow & start following them!!!

If you want to use this pic to make your "Summer Bucket List" to include in your blog post, then go for it!!!! Here's your blank pic to save and edit :)

Like Angie and Ashley say "2GETHER WE ARE BETTER!!!!"

July 10, 2015

Five For Friday Linky Party

I'm linking up today with Kasey from Doddle Bugs Teaching for my first "Five for Friday".  So here we go :)

This week week I started a new devotional called "Living In Jesus" and it's really neat so far. Throughout the book you can collect little make-believe trinkets to remind you of what you learned about for the week. This week was mainly about what your life should look like when you become a follower of Jesus. I love how this book jumps all over the new testament and has me looking up scripture on the same topic from several different books of the bible.

We have been GOING a lot lately this summer, so this week I decided to stay at home a little more than we have been. My kids didn't mind at all because we hooked up our redneck water slide in the back yard and put the water table underneath the playground so it was like a waterfall at the same time. My little boy LOVES it!!!! We did this probably 3 days this week!

I just told you that we decided to stay at home a lot more this week, which meant that my kids started going through all of the buckets of toys. Caycen, my 4 year old, pulled out a basket of tracks that connect for his cars. He hasn't played with it in SO LONG that when he saw it he said "Mommy, when did I get this?"  haha!!! I thought it was hilarious! This has been the toy to play with this week for sure!

I am SO EXCITED because I'm finally getting a PRETTY blog this week!!! I've been working with LIsa from http://icelebrationcustomdesigns.com to get a new and improved blog template up and going. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

I love Sundays! We went to church and after the service they gave out snow cones to EVERYONE! Caycen picked watermelon flavor. 

After church we went to brunch at the clubhouse. We were a little early so the kids did a whole lot of chasing and hiding until we could go sit to eat. They were so funny!

During brunch, they were just so sweet to each other! Caycen shared his cinnamon role with Gracie June and then I caught them holding hands and laughing. So sweet!

 I hope you enjoyed reading my Five for Friday! I am loving these linky parties!!! :)

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