March 30, 2012

Friday Fun Finds

Welcome to Friday Fun Finds!
This week I decided to do MONEY ideas since I see that a LOT of people are teaching money right now.
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This I found on Pinterest, but it was only the picture. I thought this could be good for STARTING to count money…
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cute money song! Click on the picture to download it for free from First Grade Glitter and Giggle!
thought this was a cute money song!
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I liked this idea :)
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Here is ANOTHER FREE download from Tpt!
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Money games for every level.
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I LOVE this game!!! We actually play the version that’s called KABOOM! But you it’s the exact same thing. The kids LOVE this!!!!
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Here’s another cute little FREEBIE! Click on the picture.
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Ok… bare with me… so I saw this and immediately thought “this would be so much fun to do with Caycen when he gets older”… but then when I was thinking about money activities, I thought this could be a fun game to put a bunch of coins in and have the students search for the different coins they see, write them down, add them up, or even make a graph to see which one they found the most of. Just an idea…
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Really LIKE this!!!
money fun
And don’t forget about my fun little Money Unit on Tpt :)

I hope you enjoyed today’s FUN FINDS!!! Any MONEY fun finds for us???
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. That coin caterpillar is great!

    Going Nutty!


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