March 2, 2012

Friday Fun Finds

friday fun finds
This week’s fun finds are just random fun things I’ve found from MANY different wonderful teachers!
And on with our fun finds…
So, I think everyone in the BLOGGING WORLD knows who Deanna Jump is… and if you don’t, she’s pretty much the QUEEN of Tpt! Well she has the most adorable Text-to-Self activity from “Where the Wild Things Are” and she even has a FREE printable at her Tpt store!
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This activity looks like a lot of fun! I think doing a compare and contrast, then having the kids draw their favorites for each one would be such a fun activity! So head on over the Life in First Grade to check out this FUN activity!
This activity is super cute! We just got done doing our Geometry unit and I wish that I would have seen this activity before. I think it would be fun for the kids to cut pictures out of magazines of the different shapes. Check this activity out over at Mrs. Morrow’s blog.
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I love this math tub! The kids get to throw and add the numbers together. Check it out at the Guided Math blog.
I LOVE this idea for later in the year when we start teaching Multiplication! What a great interactive way to learn… Check it out on Mrs. Hart’s Blog.
Well everyone… those are this weeks FUN FINDS!!!
Don’t forget to link up any of your FUN activities that you’ve found or done! We would love to check them out!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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