March 23, 2012

Friday Fun Finds

Welcome to this weeks edition of
This week I’ve just picked some random fun ideas that I found to do in the classroom…
What a fun way to do writing! The students draw a setting, character, and a problem, then write a story with them. I will definitely be doing this with my kids! We are doing Fairy Tales right now, so I think I might try this with them next week.
This is soooo neat!!! If you’re teaching about the water cycle, this would be perfect! It’s supposed to be clouds and rain.
These are so cute! I actually did something similar to this in my classroom (without the book report) for decorations. My room is a safari theme, and my little guy on the wall says “We Spot Great Work”! I would love to do this with my students though!
I just love David!!! :)
What a great idea! You could even do this with vocabulary words and the definitions! I need to buy one of these :)

Well everyone, those are the fun finds for this week! I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL week!!!
Happy Friday!


  1. Those explorers are killing me with their cuteness! Thanks for sharing- I clearly must start following you!

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