July 23, 2015

My Plans for Class DOJO

I'm so excited to change up my behavior management this year. I have seen lots of great ideas about using Class Dojo. I've always used tickets in the past, so this will be a pretty big change for me.

Let me tell you how I plan to use Class DOJO in my room…

First of all I'm going to be using Class DOJO to give and take away points based on positive and negative behaviors. I will keep the screen up on my board during the day and I will bring a clipboard to lunch and around the school to take notes when not in the classroom. I don't want to do the app on my phone right now. I think it will be great for communication with parents and they can see exactly what they are getting praised and punished for.

I am going to use points to earn rewards in the classroom. Every other week, I will let students use their points to purchase rewards from a treasure box and also coupons from my coupon book. You can find my coupons in my TPT store here.

I am also going to do the 100 point club. I found the idea over at Flapjack Education. Every time my students get 100 points, they will get to put a new avatar up on the "100 Points Club" bulletin board, with their name on it. At the end of the month, if they got in the 100 point club, they will get to eat in the classroom with me and will get a special treat.

I plan to use a monthly points tracking sheet to keep up with how many points they have at the end of each week. They will fill in their points each Friday and their parents will sign off on it over the weekends. You can download this for FREE in my TPT store!

I can't wait to do another post to let you know how Class DOJO works for my classroom!

Please leave me comments letting me know if you have any great plans for Class DOJO or behavior management in your classroom. :)

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  1. Hey Amy - Thanks so much for sharing! Manoj here from ClassDojo. Love how you plan to use ClassDojo this year. Also check out our newest feature which I think you'll like: ClassDojo Groups (www.classdojo.com/groups). Let me know if I can ever be helpful (ManojL@classdojo.com).


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