July 10, 2015

Five For Friday Linky Party

I'm linking up today with Kasey from Doddle Bugs Teaching for my first "Five for Friday".  So here we go :)

This week week I started a new devotional called "Living In Jesus" and it's really neat so far. Throughout the book you can collect little make-believe trinkets to remind you of what you learned about for the week. This week was mainly about what your life should look like when you become a follower of Jesus. I love how this book jumps all over the new testament and has me looking up scripture on the same topic from several different books of the bible.

We have been GOING a lot lately this summer, so this week I decided to stay at home a little more than we have been. My kids didn't mind at all because we hooked up our redneck water slide in the back yard and put the water table underneath the playground so it was like a waterfall at the same time. My little boy LOVES it!!!! We did this probably 3 days this week!

I just told you that we decided to stay at home a lot more this week, which meant that my kids started going through all of the buckets of toys. Caycen, my 4 year old, pulled out a basket of tracks that connect for his cars. He hasn't played with it in SO LONG that when he saw it he said "Mommy, when did I get this?"  haha!!! I thought it was hilarious! This has been the toy to play with this week for sure!

I am SO EXCITED because I'm finally getting a PRETTY blog this week!!! I've been working with LIsa from http://icelebrationcustomdesigns.com to get a new and improved blog template up and going. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

I love Sundays! We went to church and after the service they gave out snow cones to EVERYONE! Caycen picked watermelon flavor. 

After church we went to brunch at the clubhouse. We were a little early so the kids did a whole lot of chasing and hiding until we could go sit to eat. They were so funny!

During brunch, they were just so sweet to each other! Caycen shared his cinnamon role with Gracie June and then I caught them holding hands and laughing. So sweet!

 I hope you enjoyed reading my Five for Friday! I am loving these linky parties!!! :)


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