July 7, 2015

Currently - July

This is my first "Currently" link up with Farley. I'm excited about linking up and reading more of other bloggers' currently posts! They are so much fun to read!!!

I've been listening to Dave Ramsey on the free podcasts a lot for the last few months! We read "The Total Money Makeover" and are currently working Dave's plan to be debt free. I listen to the podcast in the car and even when I run!!! My husband thinks I'm crazy that I would rather listen to a talk show while running than music. :)

This last month I decided to try out the whole Annie Sloan paint craze that is going on right now. After doing a small table in my entryway, I decided to paint our china cabinet! I was so nervous about doing the china cabinet because it was pretty already, but it just wasn't the style I wanted anymore. After the first coat I was definitely second guessing myself! But then in the end, I absolutely LOVED how it turned out!!!

I feel like I have so much to do this summer before going back to work and not enough time to do it all! I'm wanting my blog to be made over (waiting on this to be done), I have a few more painting projects for the summer, Gracie June's birthday party is in 2 weeks and I'm so behind on making stuff for the party, I want to take my kids to the a few more outings this summer, and I have a few more things I want to make for my classroom before going back. Oh AND go through my clothes, my kids' clothes, and my husbands clothes and DONATE them!!!

I really want to do a girl's day at the pool soon WITHOUT the kiddos!!! I LOVE spending time with my kids, but I really need a day soon to just relax and have some girl talk where we can get a whole conversation in at ONE time. haha! I just want to sit by the pool and drink a margarita with my girls!!!!

This kind of goes along with what I'm thinking, but I NEED MORE SUMMER to get my stuff done!!! And it's SO hot when we go back to work. Ok, I know I'm complaining, but I do LOVE spending time with my babes. I mean how stinkin' cute are they?!?!

I feel like I'm an all-star helper/sharer. I say this because I LOVE to help others. If someone asks me for help, there's no saying NO. I just love the way it feels when you help someone. I also LOVE to share with others. I love sharing things that I've made, ideas that I find, or even materials. It just feels great to make other happy and less stressed. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my "Currently" post. If so, I hope you'll leave me a comment and consider following my blog! Even though I have had the blog for a few years, I haven't done a GREAT job at posting often. I have kept up with my personal blog over at Team Darley, but it's been tough have two babies the last few years and keeping up with two blogs. It is a goal of mine to keep up with this blog and make sure to share all of the great things that I've found and my experiences as a teacher.


  1. Hi Amy!
    I'm so glad I came across your blog on the July - Currently linky! I giggled when I read your "Listening: Dave Ramsey" {haha!}. Your China Cabinet makeover turned out beautifully! I think you & I both need a girls day!

    1. Thanks for your comment!!! :) I finally got a little girls night last night so that was nice!

  2. I love Dave Ramsey! We started the budget in January and it has helped us so much! I need to find him on the radio because I would love to listen to him. Good luck with your budget! Kristi Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Thanks! The budget is definitely key! You can download all of the podcasts for FREE and listen whenever u want :)


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