October 25, 2015

Sharing Sunday - November

The FUN teacher authors over at the Primary Peach have started a blog link-up called Sharing Sunday. For this series, the teachers will be sharing TONS of resources that they are PLANNING to use the following month. Here are my plans for Sharing Sunday (click on any of the pictures to view the PDF with clickable links to take you to each of these files):

 Inferencing is a great skill to cover over and over again for 2nd graders. These riddle cards are great practice. Of course fluency is something that I'm constantly pushing this part of the year as well.

 My ELA workbook has made planning for ELA sooo soo easy. I have all of the practice activities stapled as a workbook for my students. I also have all of the tests that are included in the packet already copied for the entire year. 

My Fall pack includes lots of fun activities that are not Thanksgiving related. I love doing the Thanksgiving stuff the week of Thanksgiving, but I want all other stuff to just be Fall related. The Thanksgiving freebie has lots of fun writing ideas for Thanksgiving. 

 For math I'm using my Fall Pack to review problem solving with my math groups. These are already differentiated so I can just grab the color cards that I need and get to work. 

The Find, Tally, and Graph is a great review for graphing.

We are teaching addition with regrouping now and will be teaching subtraction in a few weeks. These regrouping bookmarks are great for quick reference. 

 During the week of Thanksgiving my class will do all of these fun Thanksgiving themed math and literacy centers. We only have 2 days that week, so this gives them plenty to do during small groups.

For unit in November, we are teaching The Creek and Cherokee Indians and in science we will teach Matter. These are some GREAT resources to use.

See anything you like??? Anything you want to use in your plans??? If you click on any of the pictures or just click HERE, it will take you to the pdf that includes all of the clickable links that will take you STRAIGHT TO each of these documents to download for yourself. I hope this makes planning a little easier for you next month! Come back in December for another SHARING SUNDAY!!!

And don't forget to head over to The Primary Peach Blog to check out the other teachers' plans!

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  1. Oh my goodness - these resources are awesome! I can't wait to check them all out. I teach first, but so many of these will be perfect for my little learners. Thanks for sharing!

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