October 2, 2015

Math Facts

So, math is probably my FAVORITE subject to teach. But to me, math FACTS, are NO FUN at all. UNLESS you have some incentives to know them RIGHT!?!?!

So what I started doing last year, was putting students that pass their math facts on the "MATH FACTS HALL OF FAME" in the hallway for the whole school to see. This REALLY motivated my kids. 

This is how it works… In 2nd grade we start out the year by "pre-assessing" our students on their math facts for addition and subtraction to see where they are at. We consider mastery, 20 out of 20 problems correct in 1 minute. 

We start out the year with addition facts for everyone. We give flashcards, we do drills daily to practice in class, and we even have them do a 1 minute drill for practice each night with their parents. 
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When they have mastered their addition facts, their picture is put in the hallway on the "Addition Facts Hall of Fame". They get SO excited!!!!

After mastering addition, they get to start doing subtraction drills in class AND their 1 minute homework drill is also changed from addition to subtraction (how do you like that differentiation ;) )

When mastering subtraction, their picture goes on the "Subtraction Facts Hall of Fame". They then start doing multiplication drills in class, they do a 1 minute drill each night for multiplication, along with a 1 minute drill on addition every other night and a 1 minute drill on subtraction every other night. I do this, because I want their addition and subtraction facts to stay fresh since they are completely different than multiplication facts. 

The kids absolutely LOVE to compete with each other and are thrilled when their pictures go up! 

We started using an online program called "Reflex Math" this school year and the students love the games on there. I highly recommend it. 

I hope this gives you some new ideas to make doing those boring exciting math facts even more fun for your kiddos!


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