August 19, 2015

Open House 2015

This year definitely got off to a crazy start. Let me tell you my story...

So the week before it was back to work for teachers, I went to the eye doctor because I noticed my vision had been blurry... For a WHILE I noticed this, but kept putting off going to the eye doctor. So I finally went and the eye doctor told me I needed to see a retina specialist. 

I went to the retina specialist on Monday and found out that my retina had detached. I had no peripheral vision on the left side of my eye! It was sooo freaky to find this out! The retina had been detached for a while and a cyst formed in my eye which made my vision even worse. He scheduled me for surgery that Thursday.

I had surgery on Thursday and pretty much laid in the bed for 4 straight days! That Monday was our first preplanning day and I still felt bad so I didn't make it to work. Tuesday was our Open House/ Meet the Teacher night. I was literally at the school from 7:15am-6:15pm... The next morning I woke up and felt like I had been beaten in the face with a baseball bat. It was awful!!!! So I stayed home from work another day.

The next day, Thursday, was the first day of school. I went in for half the day and had to get a substitute for the 2nd half of the day (can you believe it???? A sub the first day of school??? How crazy is that right???) 

The 2nd day of school I had my follow up appointment with the retina specialist, so guess what, I had a substitute the 2nd day of school too!!!!! Talk about a crazy start to the school year.

I rested the whole weekend and went back to work on Monday. 

My eye is super sensitive to light, so everything is crazy bright. I can not fully see out of my eye yet and it will probably take from 6-8 weeks before I get my vision back completely in that eye. I have had LOTS of headaches and some to the point that I get very nauseas and have to lay down. BUT I'm super blessed and every day is getting better. I'm able to drive now after 2 long weeks of depending on others to tote me around.

Thank The Lord, I have such an amazing husband!!! He has done sooo much these last few weeks. We have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old, that I was unable to pick up, play around with, cuddle with, and pretty much do anything with for a whole week!!! He did it all! He has taken them to school/daycare every day since my surgery. He even helped me in my classroom before and after my surgery. I am beyond blessed to have this man as my partner in life!!!

Ok enough about my eye... Here are my open house pics:

Hubby helping right before (acting like he doesn't LOVE being in my classroom doing teacher stuff):

Front of the room:

Kids' desks (they get to pick their desk and write this name on a sticky note to choose their spot):

Open house gifts for the kids:

View from the door:

I met lots of great kids and parents, who were soooo understanding about my eye. They were all so sweet and I got to hear about a billion pirate jokes throughout the day and night. Looking forward to a great school year with my new sweeties. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your eye! Glad you are on the mend. And bless your husband! Yay! I hope you have a wonderful year!


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