February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 Parent Gifts

So, tomorrow is Valentine's day and of couse I was "Pinteresting" it up and found some really cute ideas for parent gifts from the kids. Here is what we came up with:

The front of the card we wrote "I love you to Pieces" and tore pieces of paper up into small pieces and pasted them in the heart.

The back was even cuter! The kids wrote Happy Valentine's Day on a speech bubble, I took a picture of them like they were saying it, and then we pasted it onto the back of the card.

The kids had so much fun making a card for their parents.

I even told them that they had to be EXTRA sneaky tonight when they go home, to hide the card, then put it somewhere their parents would see it in the morning when they got up. I can't wait to hear their stories tomorrow morning about how surprised their parents were! haha!

Here are some of the actual pictures with their speech bubbles:


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