December 10, 2012

Antonyms and SCOOT FREEBIE

Last week my students were learning about Antonyms.

We decided that after talking about antonyms for a few days, to do something with a little winter theme, so we made "Antonym Mittens", because you have a LEFT and a RIGHT.

The kids had so much fun decorating their mittens after writing their antonyms. They were even asking if there was a way for me to let them wear them!!! haha!

I also wanted to share my SCOOT FREEBIE that you can find at my Tpt store.
I use SCOOT in my classroom VERY often.

This freebie happens to have a person, place, or things game, but you can use the SCOOT card for any subject in the classroom.

I give each student a SCOOT recording sheet, then they also have a card on their desk. The card will have a number on the back so that the students know which square to start with.  When I tell them to "GO", they flip over the card, write down the answer on their recording sheet, and then when the timer goes off I yell "SCOOT", and the kids move to the next seat. When I yell "GO", they start on the next question. This is a great way to get your kids thinking fast and a great quick check as well. The kids LOVE this game because they get to move a bunch, and I LOVE this game because they have to do it without talking :)

I hope you enjoy this FREEBIE!

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Have a wonderful week!


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