April 6, 2012

Friday Fun Finds

This weeks Fun Finds focus on FAIRY TALES!
We just finished up our Fairy Tale unit and I wanted to give you all of the fun finds I can to help you have a Fairy Tale of a Fairy Tale unit ;)
Here are some great ideas that I’ve found:
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Fairy Tale Castle book report… I LOVE this!
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cute little fairy tale anchor chart
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not sure where this came from, but I thought this would be a great way for students to get interactive with the story map of any fairy tale. PLUS my students LOVE to write on post-its :)
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Cute idea to go with the 3 pigs :)
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how cute are these?
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I’m sure there could be some cute writing activity with this!
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We did the rub slippers, but didn’t think about this for the Fairy Godmother (we made wands), but this is SUPER cute!!! I also like the anchor chart for Cinderella.
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have students create a little set and do a puppet show
and course some of my own stuff for you…
a castle display for all of your hard work!
my fairy tale unit
Fairy Tale Ball 2012 113
wall displays to take pictures with… :)
That’s all for today, but if you have anymore ideas for Fairy Tales, send them our way!!!
Hope you enjoyed my Friday Fun Finds on Fairy Tales!


  1. I loove all the Fairy Tale stuff!! I bet your kids had soo much fun!! Happy Friday!

  2. Great finds! I am getting so excited to teach fairy tales in a few weeks! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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