December 11, 2011

Fun Using our Snowman Centers

The countdown to Xmas break is winding down!!! 1 week to go!!!!! WOOHOOO! I hope everyone is getting ready and looking forward to the break as much as I am.  

Then we did Synonyms and Antonyms...
 We also worked on sorting words to make a sentence...
In math we have been doing time, so we made Snowman Clocks to practice telling time to the hour, half hour, then to 5 minutes.

Here is a preview into our week ahead:

Monday - Santa Day: We will be reading the story "Santa's Stuck"
then making these cute Santas with the writing prompt "If Santa Got Stuck In the Chimney..." from Cara's blog

We will watch a Santa Claus movie to go with our craft day.

Tuesday: Elf Day - We will read "How Santa Got His Job"
and then have the students fill out an elf application and create their elves. This is also from Cara's blog.

If time allows we will watch "Elf" while doing our writing.

Wednesday: Grinch Day - We will read the story "The Grinch" and create a Grinch with the writing prompt "I can make the Grinch smile by..." and this idea is from Deanna's blog.

Watch the Grinch if time allows during writing.
I also plan on giving them "Grinch Licked Candy Canes" (also from Cara's blog - yes I STALK her blog because she just has TONS of great ideas!!!!)

Thursday: Class party - we will be having stations during our party. 
Station 1: Gift for parents (snow globes using baby food jars, ornaments, water and glitter)
Station 2: Christmas Bingo
Station 3: Christmas Musical Chairs
Station 4: Cards Station (students will create cards for the kids in the children's hospital)

At the end of the party students will open up their x-mas gift from me which is the book "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas".

Friday: Polar Express Day! We will come in our P.J.s to watch the Polar Express!!! Before we start watching I am having the office call down to our classroom to tell us that we have a package delivered to us from the North Pole.  I will send two students to go pick up the package.  Inside the package there will be a note from Santa to the class and bells.  The bells will be cold because I plan on putting the package in the freezer until I take it to the office. I'm so excited about this because I really think the kids will be shocked when they feel how the bells are cold and all.
We will be drinking hot chocolate and laying blankets out on the floor to watch the movie. 
We will also be making a Polar Express Snazzy Snack using grahm crackers, MnMs, and whipped cream.
Found on this blog:

At the end of the day we will be doing a major cleaning to the room since we will be gone a whole 2 1/2 weeks!!!!! YAY!

I'm super excited for this week, but I think I'm even more excited for it to be over so that I can spend some QUALITY time with my boys (the hubby and Baby C). 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!! Oh and check back later this week for a New Year's Unit Giveaway!!! :)

-Mrs. Darley


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