October 29, 2011

Fun Week

This week was Red Ribbon Week at our school.  In my last post I posted this cute idea for red ribbon week:

Well, I stole the idea and used it for a our wall sign that we had to put up! Here is ours:
 Here are some of the other cute signs I saw around the school... these aren't all of them though, there were lots that were put up after I took these pictures.

Also this week we did a lot of fun Halloween activities... I found this cute idea to do Frankensteins from Mrs. Lemon's AWESOME blog!!!

I will take more pictures of these after I post them in the classroom!

Here is another really cute idea that one of my coworkers did with her class:

She read the story

then had her class make these ADORABLE little scarecrows:
 The last activity my class did this week was read "A Very Brave Witch" and make witch hats and eat "Witche's Brew" AKA punch...

What a fun week...

Now off for a WONDERFUL weekend with my hubby and Baby C!


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