October 13, 2011


This week we've been talking about contractions.  I saw a great idea somewhere about using caterpillars to make contractions so we made some ourselves.  They turned out really cute so I thought I'd share. 

We took two words, wrote them on the legs, then made the contraction on the body.  They did such a great job!!!

We also played KABOOM this week with money.  I hot glued plastic coins to Popsicle sticks, wrote KABOOM on about 6 sticks, then we played KABOOM in small groups.  First the kids just had to tell me the name and value of the coins, the 2nd game the kids had to count the coins and tell me how much they had.  You have the students pick a stick, tell you how much money you have.  If they get the answer right they get to keep the stick, if they get it wrong they put it back in the bucket.  If they draw KABOOM, they have to put all their sticks back in the bucket.  The kids absolutely LOVE it!!! I made KABOOM games with types of sentences and I'm going to do it with nouns, verbs, and adjectives next week! I LOVE this game too!!! :)

Goodnight!!! TOMORROW'S FRIDAY! :)


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