November 6, 2012

50th Day of School

Yesterday was our 50th day of school!!!

Thanks to Cara Carroll's AWESOME 50th Day Unit, we had a BLAST!

We came dressed in our 50s attire and we made paper poodle skirts for the girls that didn't have one. (I cut the poodles out on my cricut).  They were so stinkin' cute!

We watched a short video clip from United Streaming on the 50s and read the story "Long Ago and Today" to compare and contrast the 50s and today. 

We then used the cute craft to write one of the differences that we found interesting.

After lunch we had a sock hop. We did the limbo, freeze dancing (where everyone must keep dancing until the music goes off and they have to freeze, then if you move you're out- this was introduced to me by one of the kids haha), and then we had a dance off.  It was HOPPIN'!

We then completed a 50th day math book.

At the end of the day we talked about how a root beer float is made, then we made some for ourselves.

What a fun way to celebrate 50 days of being in school!!!

me and my co-teacher

me and Becki (another teacher on my grade level) YES... I had to make my poodle skirt and I cut a little too much off the back so I had to wear real pants underneath... whoops!!!

Have a great rest of the week!!! We have conference day today so I will be meeting with parents all day long :)


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  1. I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I am currently student teaching, and I was browsing the internet for cute ideas on how to teach about James Oglethorpe, and I saw your books. I was wondering if you had any other pictures I could see, or if you had more information and cute ideas? Thank you :)


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