September 21, 2012


Ok, so I really do try to keep my posts positive... but can I vent a little?? We have been back in school for almost 3 weeks now and I am still SO OVERWHELMED!!! Our state has moved to common core, which I think is great, but the units that they've made for us to use are a little crazy for 2nd graders. Does anyone else thing that Fudge-A-Mania is too hard for the average 2nd grader to understand? I have a few that seem to love the book, but the rest of my class just doesn't get the humor in it. I would love to hear any suggestions on what you do during your reading block and small groups with the common core standards.

On top of school starting, we have had hardly any planning time. Most of our plannings have been filled with meetings and trainings. This has been hard for me. I am also doing the inclusion class for the first time ever and trying to get the hang of that.

On a positive note... my class is SUPER sweet!!!! I do have a very different group of kids. I have 5 sped, 4 being tested for sped, 5 gifted, 2 being tested for gifted, and then the rest of the class are average. I have 23 kids in all. I have kids reading on a kindergarten reading level and then I have kids reading all the way at an 8th grade reading level. I have a HUGE gap!!!! Any suggestion on differentiation? I feel like I am having to plan 3 different lessons in every subject to meet the needs of all of my students.

I did take a few picture from my classroom to share...

Sorry that this is all I have time for... I promise I will do another post VERY soon and link up with my behavior system :)


  1. My State (NC) adopted CCSS this year too and it has been a whirlwind! Overwhelmed is a word I hear frequently :( We are using the Reading Workshop in most classrooms, with some occasions of Daily 5. Our shared reading has moved from the reading basal to focusing on skills, main idea for example, using passages and books that tie in the content for that time. Keep your head up, its Friday!!!!!!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  2. All I had to read was Fudge-a-mania and I guessed you were in Georgia too. At my grade level we are using the Common Core Curriculum Maps book to "supplement" the state units. We have really liked them and they are much better organized and seem better suited to second graders. You might want to check that out, though I don't know how much flexibility your school will give you to "supplement" :)

  3. Thanks so much for your help! I will definitely check these out :)


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