February 3, 2012

Tag You're It!

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
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12 Fun things about me
1.  I have a 7 ½ month old who’s just started crawling and getting into everything!
2.  I am married to my best friend!
3.  I have been teaching for 5 years
4.  I cheered all through college and miss it sooooo much!
5.  I really want to join a dodgeball league! J
6.  I love watching Disney movies
7.  I ran a half marathon and am ready to train for another one
8.  I have two dogs, a lab and shi tzu
9.  I was on the cover of American Cheerleader Magazine
10.  I am a Christian and love God DEARLY
11.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do anything crafty!!!!
12.  I love spending time with my family and friends  

1. What are your beliefs about teaching?  I show a child LOVE where they may not get it anywhere else.
2. What is one trade secret that you would like to pass on to your colleagues?  To make everything a song with motions! The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it and they can remember anything that way!
3. What is your favourite subject to teach and why?  Hmmm…. Probably math because I love the hands on. There are just so many ways to teach math and if they don’t get it one way, you can teach it in a whole new way so that the students understand.  
4. Why do you blog? To share and receive GREAT teaching ideas.
5. What is your favourite transition strategy, why?  Singing a song or clapping, or even doing the “bad a bababa” and the kids say “I’m lovin it!”  
6. What are your secret behaviour management tricks?  Well I give out tickets for EVERYTHING that they do good (answering questions, quietly going to their seats, having their eyes on me, being caring toward other students, walking in line quietly, etc) but I also take tickets when they are off task or do something wrong. At the end of the week we go to the class store where they can buy things using their tickets. We have a 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 ticket drawer where they can buy items.
7. Do you have a class rewards system? What is it?  Well I just told you above J
8. Do you teach a musical instrument with your class? What is it?  No, but we do use clappers when students make a 100  on their AR tests!
9. What is the one thing that keeps you motivated to continue learning?  When I see all of the great ideas there are from all these other teachers throughout the nation. I see that there is still SO much to learn.
10. Do you get along with your colleagues? Yes, we share everything!
11. Does your school encourage homework? What does your class do?  Our school DEFINITELY encourages homework, but we also encourage family time. Once a month we will have family night, where students will get to skip hw for the night to do an activity with their family that does not involve technology.
12. If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?  Hmmm…. In the teaching world, maybe Deanna Jump! She teaches in my hometown and she is like the QUEEN of Teachers Pay Teachers J she is so inspiring!! Now in the fame world, Carrie Underwood! She has got it together. She is a follower of Christ and isn’t afraid to talk about it. She is so generous and it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful and VERY talented too!

12 Questions from Lisa
1.  Do you have aspirations to become an administrator?  Why/why not? No way!!! I never want to be an administrator… I just couldn’t handle being the one EVERYONE counted on
2.  Real book/E-reader? E-reader because you can share much easier and if you forget it but have a computer you can log on and read from there too, you can also have it read to you in the car.
3.  What did you learn in your classroom, that they never taught you in college? How to deal with the heart-breaking situations that children go through every day
4.  Teachers lounge--good or bad? Well, we don’t really have a teachers’ lounge, it has been turned into our copy room… plus I don’t have time to sit and chat, I work through my 15 min. lunch break and most of the time have meetings during my 30 minute planning period… yep that’s all the time I get L
5.  If you were to win $1000 for your classroom, how would you spend it? Most likely on units from Tpt! I love all of the stuff I find on there!!!! There are some truly TALENTED teacher!
6.  What is your least favorite thing about teaching?  Probably just knowing that some of the kids I teach have a rough home-life and are struggling because of it. Oh and GRADING PAPERS BOOO!!!!
7.  If you could choose any grade to teach, which would you choose?  Why? I love 2nd grade!!! We can still do the hands-on activities and cutesy things that they like, but they are old enough to be able to follow directions and do the activities independently
8.  Does your school have a specific dress code for teachers? Well we have a huge list of don’ts, but not too much of a dress code.
9.  If you watch American Idol...Steven Tyler as a judge--good or bad? I think he’s a great judge, but I don’t like his choice of words a lot of time.
10.  What is your favorite genre of music? Country J
11.  Who is your favorite Golden Girl?  Blanch hahaha!!!
12.  What is your favorite TV show? Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy!

My 12 Questions to you if you’re tagged:
1.      What is your favorite time of year to teach?
2.      What is your favorite part of the day at work?
3.      Do you have a “teacher’s pet”?
4.      How do you get all of your grading done and in your gradebook?
5.      Do you have volunteers to come in and help you out in the classroom?
6.      Do you have anything that you can’t go without doing, eating, or drinking every day to get you through the day?
7.      What is your favorite blog?
8.      If you could give a new teacher one word of advice what would it be?
9.      Do you do small groups? If yes, what are your secrets to success?
10.  What is the BEST teacher gift you’ve ever received from a student?
11.  When you were little what did you always say you wanted to be when you grew up?
12.  If you could be anything you wanted what would you be?
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